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Buxton visiting information
Friend Code: 1693-2502-9887
Dream Code: 5500-3708-6502 

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Mayor Ezraye of Buxton

artwork of mayor ezraye 
drawing reference post 

imageAngus the Cranky Bull 

imageAnnalise the Snooty Horse 

imageAgnes the Uchi Pig 

imageTia the Normal Elephant 

imageTipper the Snooty Cow 

imageGabi the Peppy Rabbi

imageFrobert the Jock Frog

imageCherry the Uchi Dog

imageAnabelle the Peppy Anteater

Quillson the Smug Duck

Pokemon Y
Ezraye Plays Pokemon 

Friend Code: 1693-2502-9887
Friend Safari: Ghost Type (Lampent, Pumpkaboo, ?) 

I collect Vivillion Patterns. Currently have 16/18. Local pattern is Modern. I need Icy Snow and Jungle. Message me if you'd like to trade.

Tomodachi Life
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Sprout's info
Sprout is my wife. She plays ACNL and Pokemon X.
Friend Code: 3926-6318-8914
her tumblr is raredevices.tumblr
(it's not a gaming blog, just putting it here in case you need to send her an ASK regarding a trade)


aw, Pekoe, let me give you a HUG
(old picture, Pekoe was adopted recently)

aw, Pekoe, let me give you a HUG

(old picture, Pekoe was adopted recently)

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